Five Factors to Consider While Buying Sectional Sofa Online

A sectional sofa is more than just a huge L-shaped piece of furniture that can fill your living room. The right piece can help you add a distinct design depth to your living room with a minimum amount of effort on your part. You can even buy a sectional sofa online and save a lot of time and hassle.

Consider these five factors when buying a sectional sofa online.

1.The Specific Requirement

You may have decided to buy a new sectional sofa but have you considered your unique needs for it? There is more than one style of sectional sofa and you need to first consider your purpose for it before buying one. Do you wish to use it in your posh lounge or for rough use (with kids and pets in tow) in the family room? Do you want a sectional sofa for your comfortable relaxation while watching television? Do you want a big, bold, and snuggly piece of a sofa or a streamlined item to make a style statement at home?

Once you have identified what you want or need, you can avoid getting overwhelmed when you start browsing sofas online. When you shop online, it is so easy to flit from one store to another. It can seem like fun at first but it also has the potential to confuse the most prolific of buyers. So, deciding beforehand what you want in terms of your ideal sectional sofa can help you find one without wasting much time.

2.The Right Size

While you are thinking about your ideal sectional sofa, it is a good idea to utilize this time to also measure the space for it. If you want a big sectional sofa, it must fit perfectly at its designated space. Would you need to remove one or more furniture pieces from your living room to make space for the sectional? How many pieces in the sectional may be just enough for your living room without overwhelming the space?

The sectional sofa consists of separate pieces that are used to create a cohesive furniture item. You can buy one recliner along with the sofa with some corner pieces. For large rooms, you can add more pieces to one L-shaped sectional.

3.The Optimal Décor

The sectional must go with the rest of the décor in the living room either by way of the complete match or as a contrast piece. You can always buy a sectional in a neutral shade such as ivory or black if you are unsure about the colors. Brown and beige also go with any color scheme. You can buy a gray sofa to match any monochrome décor or to add subtlety with a colorful scheme in red, pink, or blue. You can always dress a sectional with cushions to match a more traditional decorative style in your living room. For instance, you can place red jacquard cushions on a gray sectional to match traditional décors.

So, there is always a way around to match the sofa with any décor with such small decorative touches if you like one in a subtle shade. Planning ahead along these lines can help you select and buy a sofa online with ease.

4.The Ideal Budget

Of course, you can’t ignore your budget when making any purchase. Setting a budget beforehand can help you browse sofas only in your range rather than wasting your time on checking out items that you don’t wish to purchase.

It will also help you locate sellers that sell sectionals in your price range rather than you getting lost in the online marketplace.

5.The Perfect Store

It is always a good idea to buy sofas from online furniture stores with a quality range of products. But there are also other factors to consider.

Choose stores that won’t charge you exorbitant shipping rates. Also, look for stores that offer easy returns and cancellations on purchased items. It is also better to shop from stores that manage the manufacturing and design details of their products rather than just retailing them. Doing so will ensure that you only get quality furniture products when shopping online.

Why is a Small Rustic Desk Important?

Where to Place Small Rustic Desk and Rustic Corner Desk?

These two furniture items are handy in the sense that, you can place it anywhere in the house, without making an odd look. Instead, what happens is that the quality of the environment will get a facelift. Practically, this is useful for making the interior spaces more charming. When the atmosphere becomes more pleasant, obviously, space becomes more livable. Having said that, the shop from where you buy the small rustic desk and rustic corner desk matters a lot in deciding the quality and durability of the item. This is even truer when you opt for reclaimed furniture items.

Small Rustic Desk and Rustic Corner Desk – Multipurpose Usage

• It will be very much useful if you place them in your living room. You can place the daily news papers, magazines, etc., on them, which will add the convenience of the guests or visitors. Moreover, such antique-looking furniture pieces will also augment the existing beauty of the place. However, here, the main point to note is that there should be attractively designed.

• A small rustic desk will be useful a tea table also. There will be a special grace, which will be very much mind-cooling. For sure, your guests will appreciate such a cute and antique-looking item.

• You can place a rustic corner desk in one of the corners of the living room so that the guests or visitors are able to view the item. On the top of the table, if you place an attractive flowerpot, then that will be more eye-catching.

• Further, when you place items like the small rustic desk and rustic corner desk in the bedrooms, you can place so many items like your watch, spectacles, car keys, photos, books that you read, etc. You can broaden the list to various other items. More than a useful furniture item, the same will bring a typical allure that will make everybody mentally happy.

• A small rustic desk and rustic corner desk will be a perfect fit for a balcony or in the roofed garden areas. If you put some chairs having the same designs, there will be an automatic boost to the splendor of the ambience.

Why is a Small Rustic Desk Important?

Almost everybody loves the bygone days, and it is a natural human predilection. Therefore, when there are sufficient items that are reminiscent of the gone era within the interiors of residences, especially, in the main areas like the living room, dining room, it will be a real attraction. It is in this context, furniture pieces such as a small rustic desk and rustic corner desk become more relevant. You can use a small rustic desk for multipurpose. It does not matter where you place the item, wherever you place it, the item will become handy. Besides, it will add the overall beauty of the space-related.

Why Buy from Established Traders?

You can buy all the needed furniture items from online stores; however, you must make sure the dependability and the overall public repute of the merchant, before buying the items. You can check with your friends or relative. Of course, you can check the reviews of the customers, which will give you a clear picture about the related merchant’s dealings. Nevertheless, there are several benefits when you buy the furniture from reputable traders.

You can choose size-wise, style-wise, accent-wise, and design-wise. There will be provision to select the door style; both arched and shutter doors will be available. Likewise, you will be able to pick the leg style (toe kick, yogo leg, metal base, and turned legs). The possibility of choosing the wood type (hardwood, new wood, or reclaimed wood) will be yet another advantage. If your preferred style is not readily available, you can opt for customization. This is the perfect way to make the item suitable to a particular purpose. Some of the top dealers offer free packing and shipping. This is fantastic, because, you can stay away from the practical headaches connected with this task. The selected items will be there at your doorstep, within the agreed time.

Tips to Find the Perfect Office Furniture

There is no one-size-fits-all office furniture. The right office furniture will depend on each business’s specific requirements. What may be right as office furniture in San Francisco for a fintech startup may not be conducive for productive work for an art studio in New York City. So, it is important to think of your specific business requirements when shopping for furniture rather than buying items based on aesthetics alone.

Consider these tips to find the perfect office furniture.

Consider the Office Setup

The layout of your office will largely determine the furniture you can use in a space without crowding it. You can’t possibly fit five standing desks in a cramped office space.

When moving into a new office space, it helps to plan for the interior design and furniture at the same time as scouting for properties. Integrated online design platforms allow potential clients to choose office spaces and furniture at the same time; enabling them to make smarter decisions.

Consider the Specific Business Requirements

Your office may require sturdy desktops to bear the load of heavy equipments or multiple computers. Perhaps you need desks with ample storage or separate tables for printers and other equipments. Do you need to divide your office into separate sections? Does an open layout work better for your business requirements?

Think of your furniture requirements in terms of conference rooms, team meeting areas, cafeteria, relaxation rooms etc. If your employees work long hours, you may want to use a combination of standing desks and comfortable seating options for their well-being as well as enhanced productivity.

Consider the Budget

Yes, the all-important budget that you cannot ignore even if you don’t like its restrictions. If you run a business, you need to manage a variety of expenses in the most cost-effective manner. You wouldn’t want to end up spending a fortune on a new range of ergonomic furniture (promising the ultimate in comfort) and it turning out to be completey useless and uncomfortable.

It is important to consider the costs of furniture items in relation to the value you are getting from it. Less expensive chairs may end up costing you more if it makes the back of your employees hurt. You may need to buy new chairs eventually. In the meantime, using those uncomfortable chairs may adversely impact the productivity (and health) of your employees.

One way to offset the risks involved in office furniture investment is to consider renting it. Many businesses now offer furniture on rent to commercial establishments. You can rent various furniture items and test their comfort levels. Then you can rent more of the same or simply return the items you don’t want.

Consider Aesthetics 

Furniture design has undergone quite a transformation in the past few decades. You don’t need to compromise on style if you opt for comfort. You can even select ergonomic furniture that hit all the style notes to make your office space appear stylish too.

Appealing furniture can even boost the morale of your employees. The choice of color in furniture can even brighten up a dull and dreary office space. You can now choose office furniture in vibrant colors such as red, yellow, and violet. You can select the colors based on your brand’s identity.

Consider Ease of Maintenance and Handling

Before selecting the furniture, it is necessary to consider the extent of its upkeep. Some desktops are resistant to scratches, temperature changes, and can tolerate rough handling. But delicate items may require careful use, which may not always be possible in a commercial setup.

In any case, it is better to select furniture that is easy to clean and move around the office. On occasions, you may need to move one desk to another corner of the office for a different use or for another employee. It should be easy to move around without harming the flooring (or the back of persons moving it).

Consider the Company Culture

It is very important to consider your company’s culture when selecting the furniture. In a formal setting, beanbags scattered along the floor won’t work. If your company propagates an informal work culture, you have more creative options for choosing and setting up the furniture.

Enhance your Bar with a Custom Zinc Bar Top

There are various ways of doing up a bar but the most important décor element is the counter top or the bar top. The type of bar top you choose will change the entire look of the bar. Zinc bar tops are high in demand and are easy to maintain. The highly durable bar tops can be simply wiped clean with a cloth and even the toughest stains can be removed in no time. You can enhance your bar with a custom zinc bar top. The bar top can be customized as per your requirements and will be delivered to you within no time. Depending on the size of the bar, you can order a customized top. You can add simple accessories on the bar top and draw attention to space.

A zinc bar top is easy to maintain and is an ideal element to play with lights. If you plan to put up an array of lights over the bar, zinc is an ideal choice. Zinc plays with different light colors and constantly gives a new look. Found in abundance across the country, zinc is a natural element which is used and preferred by many. The bar tops can be installed inside the home as well as inside a restaurant. With use, the bar top may look like it has been there for decades. You can choose from a sleek polished look or a weathered and rugged look. Its finish will change frequently and you will be able to notice the same with regular use. Depending on the décor inside your home, you can make the choice of the type of bar top you wish to install.

Zinc reacts with lemon juice, water and finger prints which when blended together will leave the counter with a beautiful patina. Adding stylish accessories to the bar will enhance its look and draw attention. The counter top is available with decorative edges and various styles which makes it easy to work with. It also has anti-bacterial properties that make it a great service for prepping and serving food. Before committing to a zinc top, it is advisable to scout the market and look for various options available. Based on the same, a customized order can be placed which meets your requirements. The installation of the zinc table top is simple and easy. The biggest benefit of using the zinc top is that it is highly durable and low on maintenance. There will not be any damage to the surface and it can be easily wiped clean with a cloth. Further, you will not have to spend on the maintenance of the top. It is highly durable and long lasting. A simple addition of the counter top in your home can change the entire look of the space.

Replace your current counter top with a customized zinc bar and elevate the space. Simple play of lighting on the bar can give you finest results when blended with zinc. The natural element is important for the body and is found in abundance across the globe. If you are looking to refurbish your home or renovate the place, opt for a counter top. If you own a bar or a restaurant, this is the best choice you can make. Clients will be impressed with the stylish and sleek design of the counter top. It is important to remember that zinc will not have a polished look at all times, it will discolor and look like it has been there for ages. Hence, do not attempt to maintain the same look and feel after a few uses. Home owners usually like the patina which is developed on zinc after multiple uses. This could take anything from a few weeks to a year, it depends on the usage. Consider the overall décor in your home and make the choice of a counter top. Counter tops can blend with a traditional as well as modern and contemporary décor. It does not require any additional accessory for installation and can be done with ease. Any type of counter top can be customized as per the size and style requirement of the home owner. It will be delivered at the desired location within no time.

Why You Should Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture

If you have ever gone searching for a furniture piece for your home recently, you would be aware of a certain class of such products made from a slightly different raw material called reclaimed wood. Well, these are furniture items that are made of wood, but they differ in the kind or source that it is obtained used. To be precise, the lumber that goes into making such kind of furniture isn’t one that is obtained by felling a tree. Instead it is taken from sources where the trees have fallen naturally, or where the timber has already been used in some form or the other – for e.g., railway tracks, old barns, demolished buildings etc.

If you have ever wondered what makes reclaimed wood so special or why you need to choose it instead of furniture made from regular lumber, here are some compelling reasons.

Your choice is eco friendly

One of the biggest advantages of choosing salvaged word is that it is eco-friendly. The timber that goes into making such products does not come from felling trees. Instead, they are obtained from those trees that have naturally fallen on the forest floor, either from a storm, or because they were aged. Choosing reclaimed wood does not make you a culprit in deforestation in any way.

You say no to wood waste

Reclaimed wood may also be procured from old buildings, railway tracks, deserted barns, demolished structures, and so on. When you repurpose timber this way, it reduces the amount of wood waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Choosing salvaged lumber over new makes for a more sustainable choice. You also bring down your carbon footprint by saving on the energy and material, which would otherwise have been used to produce a brand new piece of furniture.

You get to own something unique and distinct

Reclaimed wood has a character of its own that mass produced lumber lacks. This develops from the different conditions that the timber is exposed to, be it rain or shine. The surface of this kind of wood boasts of distinct, breathtaking textures and patterns that give rise to a unique character. As a result, furniture made from this kind of timber carries with it a beauty and exclusivity that is unmatched. Also no two pieces of furniture made from reclaimed wood look alike. Hence, you can be guaranteed what you own belongs wholly and solely to you, and that its exact replica does not exist, unlike mass produced furniture.

Your furniture is strong and durable

What many people raise as a concern with old or aged lumber is that it can deteriorate fast. However, contrary to popular belief, salvaged wood is stronger than regular mass produced lumber. This is because the timber has undergone multiple contractions and expansion, and stood the test of time through various weather conditions like sun, rain, and snow, to develop strength that is unmatched by lumber obtained from just felled trees. As a result, this kind of timber is less prone to split, warp, cup, or twist over manufacture and use. It is more dimensionally stable than new wood.

Additionally, reclaimed lumber, especially those taken from floating barges, are a lot more resistant to water than fresh wood. They require minimal waterproofing protection as compared to new wood.

You bring home a piece of rustic and vintage beauty

Reclaimed wood works beautifully well in rustic and vintage styled furniture. The naturally aged character of this kind of timber makes it one of the best choices in making products of these styles. The natural weathering, combined with prolonged use or exposure to varied conditions give these kind of wood an aged effect. Wood, especially those procured from barns, railways tracks, and demolished buildings have a certain rawness that also adds to their beauty, and gives them a rustic character.

You get to be creative

Reclaimed wood is one of the best choices when you need to get creative. The natural character of this kind of timber makes it an excellent choice in pairing with other materials like metal, marble, soapstone etc. Be it for a bar stool, a bathroom vanity, the kitchen counter, or a sofa table, the possibilities are endless with old timber.

Be it for your new home or a remodeled one, stick to reclaimed wood, and be bowled over by the beauty and uniqueness that this wood brings to your home.

Things to Know Before Buying Reclaimed Wood Table

Tables are the go to destinations in the living room for everything that you need. Be it keys, newspaper, book or anything that’s temporarily placed, it is very hard to imagine a house without a table. Tables are not just functional but also great centerpieces in a living room around which you can plan your interior décor and buy appropriate things that can go along with it aesthetically.

But did you know tables can also be good conversation topics in your living room, when people ask things about your table, where you got it from and what kind of wood and finish the table is made of. However, this is only possible when the table is really good looking and has a history behind it. Tables made from reclaimed wood are those tables that have a history behind them as the wood that is used is reclaimed and has a history behind it or belonged to someone important like family or friends. Not only they have an emotional appeal, but also help in amazing looking tables that look rustic and majestic. Let’s talk about the characteristics of a reclaimed wood table and the things you need to look for while buying one.

1. The Wood

The wood used to make the table is the heart and soul of a reclaimed wood table. While any table made from any material can be designed to look beautiful, only few tables have a depth in their existence and hold a special place in the house. Reclaimed wood is aged, used and years of history to it. While you are buying a table made of reclaimed wood, ensure that you get to know the story behind it and choose the type of wood you want very wisely. There are many wood types which just age well with time and have a rustic surface which looks real and authentic wood.

2. Storage

If you just want a plain table with a single wooden plank and no compartments, it is completely fine. However, it is suggested that you go for the one that has 2-3 compartments in it and serve to store small things that are important and need to be accessible. You can keep your files, important documents, DVDs, keys, small notes anything and everything that is small and important. If you are getting the reclaimed wood table custom made, you can easily inform the maker to include the compartments where you want and decide what size you want as well.

3. Size

Planning the location of the table and knowing where it will be placed has to be decided before you even begin searching for tables. You should also have an approximate estimate of the dimensions of the reclaimed wood table you want to go with before ordering. This is because, without planning the table might become too big blocking the walking space or become too small to store anything at all. From an aesthetic perspective, if the table is too big and the surrounding elements like couch or chairs are too small when compared it look odd and doesn’t serve the purpose of being a centerpiece as it already all over the place. Thus, before going to the vendor and giving your order, ensure you have a rough idea of the table dimension you want to go with.

4. Finish and Coating

If you have a well-designed, themed interior, you must be aware how important it is for the fixtures and furniture in your home to be in sync and create a harmonious flow of color and design language. The reclaimed wood table you buy can be made of multiple finishes, the ones that can go along with other objects in your house. Americana, red, black, white, medium wax, turquoise, etc. are some of the popular finishes to go with tables made out of reclaimed wood. They add a rustic element to the table and stand out to be excellent centerpieces. Since the reclaimed wood is old and you don’t want to take chances of its durability, you can also go for a protective coating to prevent rusting, rotting, moisture, temperature changes and other things that will deteriorate its quality from inside.

Considerations Before Choosing Rustic Bar Stools for Decor

Are you worried about how to add personality to your décor? Opt for rustic bar stools and highlight the elegance of your space in an exclusive style. Rustic bar stools are versatile seating options that add character and texture to your house. You can place them in your kitchen, living room as well as your drawing room. These pieces of furniture make you comfortable to sit on. You have nothing to worry as these stools are easily available from online stores to meet your exact requirement. However, you should choose the right one that will match the design of your interior décor and your space. If you face any difficulty in choosing right rustic bar stools, you can check out a few considerations in this regard:

considerations-before-choosing-rustic-bar-stools-for-decor§ Select the right height – You must select the right height for your rustic bar stool, otherwise you may have to suffer from cramps in your legs. Pay heed to the height of stools for sale. The common rustic bar stools are available in various heights, including table, bar, counter and extra tall. You can choose a height within 10 -14 inches between the top of stool seat and underneath your countertop. Nevertheless, you can match up various other standard counter heights with the heights of rustic bar stools. Usually, table height of 18 – 23 inches can easily accommodate a surface of 28 – 30 inches, making a great substitute for your conventional dining chairs. Counter height varies from 24 to 26 inches and can fit a surface of 36 to 39 inches. It is smaller than a typical bar or restaurant stool. Bar heights vary from 28 to 30 inches in height and are suitable for bars of 40 inches height. Extra Tall helps you get a view of the spectator with 36 inches height. If you want, you can combine this with a counter having a surface height of 47 inches. Always, consider the horizontal space around the rustic bar stool. It is good, if six inches of space prevail between the stools. This is favorable for socializing and eating. Nevertheless, if your kitchen consists of revolving rustic bar stools or counter stools along with arms, you can add a bit more space.

§ Opt for the apt style – It is also important that you opt for an apt styled rustic bar stool. If the style you select doesn’t match your bar or counter, your décor will not be highlighted properly. Now, how will you know what style will best blend in with your décor? Well, you need to just look at the set theme of your kitchen and decide whether you want your stools to stand out or blend in. If you want to place the rustic bar stool in a narrow passage or beside your kitchen, you may opt for a backless option. It is simply because the furniture can be placed beneath the extended counter. Rustic bar stools can be easily cleaned. Rustic bar stools created from metals can offer contrast to your kitchen. Furthermore, wooden bar stools bring a feel of nature within your modern and contemporary kitchen.

§ Examine the construction – You must also inspect the build of the rustic bar stools before buying. Look for the one which is extremely well built. If furniture is not created in a robust way, they would not look good in a refined space. Remember that a wooden structure always ensures the durability of your stool. Some of the stools are crafted with oak and some include a high grade of turntable system tucked below the seat. Moreover, some are refined with coatings of furniture polish and are accented with a unique metal band as a foot rest. You can go for Red Mahogany finished stool with a swivel seat to make a striking addition to your home décor.

Follow these considerations and get the most befitting rustic bar stools. Besides, you should not forget to evaluate your comfort level. Go for the one which will provide you comfort. Purchasing a sophisticated stool design matching your home décor will bestow a stunning look to your décor. Choose the best and stun your loved ones to delight.

Six Hacks to Make Your Rustic TV Console Look Stunning

Rustic is the new rage in interior design. The style and scheme lends a warm, endearing and close to nature feel to your homes. In the living or guest room, a commonly found piece of rustic furniture is the TV console. From a minimalistic cuboidal stand that holds the TV, to one with multiple drawers, cabinets, and metal accents, rustic TV consoles come in various forms, shapes, and designs. There are many ways in which you can make them look more interesting and attractive. 6 such ways are discussed here.

# 1 – Keep It Simple

The beauty and charm of rustic objects lie in their simplicity. The raw, unfinished appearance of this kind of furniture gives dwelling spaces a homely and welcoming appeal. This simplicity is probably what makes rustic furniture so apt for modern times with homes designed around minimalistic themes. The same is true with a rustic TV console. Nothing beats the beauty of a basic unit, i.e. a rectangular bench like piece that holds the TV on its top rack, and which provides and open storage space below, in the second rack.

# 2 – Use Glass Panels

Some TV consoles provide storage spaces that are closed. In such cases, a good way to make it look more attractive is by using glass panels or glass doors. Panels in glass are often connected to the body of the console by means of a wooden frame. Certain designs also feature doors which are made completely out of glass, i.e. sans a wooden frame. This design too blends in well with a rustic styled TV unit. Frosted or semi-transparent glasses bring about a mysterious and colonial like charm and add a twist to your TV unit.

# 3 – Opt for Engraving

Handcrafted designs are always a feast to the eyes. A way to incorporate them into rustic TV consoles is by means of hand engraving. One such idea could be to engrave Chinese symbols, or letters onto the TV unit. Set against dark colored wood or those in deeper shades of brown or red, these engravings, when painted in a golden hue, make your TV console look more attractive.Six Hacks to Make Your Rustic TV Console Look Stunning

# 4 – Add Contrasting Color

Using a single contrasting color on the panels, cupboard doors or the frame of the television unit makes it a focal point in the living room. Be it black, brilliant red, dull white or neon green, painting your tv console in a different color from that of the rest of the unit brings about an added lure. While black lends a contemporary twist, bright hues make the dwelling spaces look more vibrant and lively.

# 5 – Opt for Distressed Finish

Like colors and hues, finishes make rustic furniture look stunning. Protective or other finishes that are smooth aren’t really meant for these simple, raw appeal furniture. The best choices always are the aged or distressed finishes that blend in well with the natural appearance of rustic furniture. Such finishes also bring about the inherent beauty of the wood used and make it a true masterpiece in any living room.

# 6 – Use Old Wood

Reclaimed or old wood is the best bet in rustic furniture, especially when you’re building a custom made piece, or one from scratch. The natural weathering undergone by old wood makes it the perfect choice for TV consoles of this type. Barn wood or lumber obtained from railway tracks are the most appropriate to lend the furniture an unsophisticated appeal. The natural grain on this kind of wood is sure to turn heads with its beauty and charm.

Use these simple hacks to add a dash of creativity to your rustic TV console and make it the focal point of your living room with ease.

Redesign Your Bar with Rustic Bar Stools

After a taxing day at the office, you either rush or drag yourself home, to de-stress at the bar counter. Of late, none of your drinks – be it a Martini, regular Vodka or Margarita- taste as good as they used to previously. Chances are that the quality of the liquor hasn’t degraded; rather, you’re too used to the same old bar in your home, that it leaves you with nothing to feel relaxed about. Drinking sessions seem routine and uninteresting; because you are used to seeing the shiny metallic frames or sitting on the same old sleek Italian cushions on your bar stools, day in and day out. The best way to break free from this monotonous atmosphere is to give your bar a breath of fresh air, by redesigning it; and what better way than modify it with rustic themed stools.

There are hundreds of rustic stools available in the market and even more ways to incorporate them in your bar, but not everything that’s on display or sale fits your need. Here are a couple of tips to help you choose the perfect ones creatively.

•  Rustic stools fit well in bars that feature a lot of woodwork, be it on the cabinets, the shelves, or even the cupboards. However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent if the interiors of your bar have a contemporary finish. Rustic bar stools Redesign Your Bar with Rustic Bar Stoolsin darker shades of brown blend well with white, grey, or light toned interiors, thereby creating a sense of warmth. The contrasting colors impart the feel of an eclectic-mix to the bar area.

•  Since rustic designs feature simple elements with a raw or village like appeal, bar stools of this variety are best made from lumbers like oak and walnut. The natural and intricate patterns on the surface of these woods make them a perfect choice for rustic furniture.

• The weathered appearance of reclaimed wood makes them an apt choice for rustic bar stools. The worn out look of logs picked up from old farmhouses, barges and demolished barns help bring the aura and charm of the countryside to your modern bars.

•  Rustic doesn’t necessarily mean wood. Creative designs of bar stools of these type, combine timber with other materials like metal, wicker etc. in frames, cushions, backrests and so on. If you aren’t a big fan of wooden stools, combination designs are what you should pick for your bar.

•  Cushions are a great way to play around with the design of bar stools. These can be as simple as a piece of round foam covered in fabric, or a luxurious seating made from leather or animal hides. Decorate cushions with metal embellishments like dull gold rivets to add a twist to the design. Replace seating with horse saddles to bring out a barn-like ambience.

•  The shape of bar stools is another aspect that offers an opportunity for creativity. Though most stool frames are cubical or cuboidal, with seats being circular or rectangular in shape, off beat shapes include those of a wine barrel or a cone. Pick one of these out-of-the-box designs to show off to your guests that drinking, to you, is a serious business, or that you are a die-hard fan of liquor.

Rustic bar stools can be bought off brick and mortar or online stores. They can even be made to order, as per your specifications. When selecting them, details like the height, material, and other features like the footrest, cushions, back rest etc. need to be paid attention to.

Introducing a rustic charm with the help of bar stools, is a great way to revamp your bar, and is guaranteed to bring you praise from friends and family alike. These pieces of unsophisticated and rural-like furniture, when chosen carefully, blend in seamlessly with bar interiors of any kind. They radiate warmth and comfort, setting the mood right for a perfect shot of your favorite drink.

Tips for Customizing your Bathroom Vanity

Personality is often associated with capabilities of a ‘person’ or a living being. However, according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it is defined as “unique set of qualities that makes something unusual or interesting.” Each and every piece of fixture in your home speaks a thousand words and comes with its own unique traits. Therefore, even your furniture, decorative accents and furnishings also have their individual personalities. For instance, a product like your custom rustic bathroom vanity would be a package of exclusive design, interesting utility and personal touch and will add a vintage touch to your decor with its character.

The basic idea behind rustic bathroom vanities is unique in itself. The wood that is used is not the new wood. This is because new wood might or might not be long-lasting, but the old barn wood or the kiln dried pine is undoubtedly the most durable wood available. It has survived for hundred years and would definitely last a lifetime as your fixture. This wood has endured the brunt of all nature’s toils like air, wind and water; and also the impact of human manhandling. It comes with some obvious nail marks, holes and blotches. These are then hand painted and polished to give a renovated look. This gives your vanity a stylish old-world, worn-out look, which is favored and loved by fixture designers around the world. The designers use these markings and blemishes to give your vanity a unique character and enhance its looks. This makes rustic vanity a perfect combination of today’s technique and antique royalty. Moreover, to add a touch of your personality to the vanity’s character, you can even get it customized to your taste and preference.  You can choose the design, color, look and dimensions of your vanity according to your liking.

The thing is furniture is not always an addition to the things you possess but are a representation of your persona. The belongings that you use in your daily life are an inherent part of the quality of life you stay with. These possessions combined together form your lifestyle and your existence. However, selecting a perfect and customized bathroom vanity is never an easy task. It is always a little tricky being clear about your choices amidst a wide variety of available options. Firstly, you need to keep your personal preference in accordance and then select a product that can offer convenience of use and also looks great in your bathroom. Here are a few tips you must keep in mind before selecting your bathroom vanity:

•  Water-Resistant

Promising a waterproof product and delivering the same are two different things. Often, the manufacturer uses inferior wood and bad quality coating. You should always buy vanities that come with quality polyurethane coating and that has been polished with hand rubbed wax to make sure that it is completely water-resistant.

•  Trendy and Stylish

Who does not want to receive compliments for their updated style and home décor? You should always do a proper research – surf online, talk to experts, take advice from interior designers – before buying a major fixture for your house. Nowadays, vintage vanities with rustic look are in trend for bathroom cabinets. In fact, vintage look is one such trend that always stays in vogue. Rustic bathroom vanities are a perfect blend of contemporary and conventional features because of their smart use of old designs in new fashion.

•  Customized

How can one have the best of both worlds i.e. vintage design as well as personal touch? You can get this through custom bathroom vanities. With this option, you will get an opportunity to design your cabinet according to your taste. For instance, if you are a tall person, you would prefer to have a vanity, which is higher and if you are of a shorter built, then the same vanity will prove to be very inconvenient for you. In addition to the personal use suitability, you can also decide whether you want a rustic look or contemporary feel; whether you prefer wooden or metallic vanity; and so on, while you are getting your bathroom cabinet customized according to your preference.

A customized vanity is always adapted to the customer requirement, and hence suits individual taste; rustic look never goes out of fashion and reclaimed wood is a mark of durability. Hence, always keep these three dimensions in mind and get yourself a custom bathroom vanity to suit your every need.

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