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Tips for Customizing your Bathroom Vanity

Personality is often associated with capabilities of a ‘person’ or a living being. However, according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it is defined as “unique set of qualities that makes something unusual or interesting.” Each and every piece of fixture in your home speaks a thousand words and comes with its own unique traits. Therefore, even […]

Custom Bathroom Vanities Offer Timeless Appeal

In today’s modern lifestyle, bathroom design is an integral aspect of any house. Besides being one of the vital areas of a house, the design of the bathroom compliments to the overall design and aesthetics of the house. It is advisable to design and decorate your bathroom like any other bedroom or living room, thus […]

Some Great Ideas for Spring Patio Furniture

As days grow longer and warmer, more and more time is spent out on the patio. A comfortable patio environment will make sitting outdoors more enjoyable for all seasons. Here are some ways to set up a patio and a few ideas to make a patio charming and beautiful. And whether on a budget or […]

Choosing Custom Made Furniture – A Buying Guide

Buying your furniture from a store in the mall can be a rather disheartening experience. There is a certain sameness about everything. It all looks the same, and it’s sized the same and sometimes, not always, it’s over-priced and of poor quality. But even if it’s not, retail furniture can’t possibly do justice to your […]