Why You Should Choose Reclaimed Wood Furniture

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If you have ever gone searching for a furniture piece for your home recently, you would be aware of a certain class of such products made from a slightly different raw material called reclaimed wood. Well, these are furniture items that are made of wood, but they differ in the kind or source that it is obtained used. To be precise, the lumber that goes into making such kind of furniture isn’t one that is obtained by felling a tree. Instead it is taken from sources where the trees have fallen naturally, or where the timber has already been used in some form or the other – for e.g., railway tracks, old barns, demolished buildings etc.

If you have ever wondered what makes reclaimed wood so special or why you need to choose it instead of furniture made from regular lumber, here are some compelling reasons.

Your choice is eco friendly

One of the biggest advantages of choosing salvaged word is that it is eco-friendly. The timber that goes into making such products does not come from felling trees. Instead, they are obtained from those trees that have naturally fallen on the forest floor, either from a storm, or because they were aged. Choosing reclaimed wood does not make you a culprit in deforestation in any way.

You say no to wood waste

Reclaimed wood may also be procured from old buildings, railway tracks, deserted barns, demolished structures, and so on. When you repurpose timber this way, it reduces the amount of wood waste that would otherwise have ended up in landfill. Choosing salvaged lumber over new makes for a more sustainable choice. You also bring down your carbon footprint by saving on the energy and material, which would otherwise have been used to produce a brand new piece of furniture.

You get to own something unique and distinct

Reclaimed wood has a character of its own that mass produced lumber lacks. This develops from the different conditions that the timber is exposed to, be it rain or shine. The surface of this kind of wood boasts of distinct, breathtaking textures and patterns that give rise to a unique character. As a result, furniture made from this kind of timber carries with it a beauty and exclusivity that is unmatched. Also no two pieces of furniture made from reclaimed wood look alike. Hence, you can be guaranteed what you own belongs wholly and solely to you, and that its exact replica does not exist, unlike mass produced furniture.

Your furniture is strong and durable

What many people raise as a concern with old or aged lumber is that it can deteriorate fast. However, contrary to popular belief, salvaged wood is stronger than regular mass produced lumber. This is because the timber has undergone multiple contractions and expansion, and stood the test of time through various weather conditions like sun, rain, and snow, to develop strength that is unmatched by lumber obtained from just felled trees. As a result, this kind of timber is less prone to split, warp, cup, or twist over manufacture and use. It is more dimensionally stable than new wood.

Additionally, reclaimed lumber, especially those taken from floating barges, are a lot more resistant to water than fresh wood. They require minimal waterproofing protection as compared to new wood.

You bring home a piece of rustic and vintage beauty

Reclaimed wood works beautifully well in rustic and vintage styled furniture. The naturally aged character of this kind of timber makes it one of the best choices in making products of these styles. The natural weathering, combined with prolonged use or exposure to varied conditions give these kind of wood an aged effect. Wood, especially those procured from barns, railways tracks, and demolished buildings have a certain rawness that also adds to their beauty, and gives them a rustic character.

You get to be creative

Reclaimed wood is one of the best choices when you need to get creative. The natural character of this kind of timber makes it an excellent choice in pairing with other materials like metal, marble, soapstone etc. Be it for a bar stool, a bathroom vanity, the kitchen counter, or a sofa table, the possibilities are endless with old timber.

Be it for your new home or a remodeled one, stick to reclaimed wood, and be bowled over by the beauty and uniqueness that this wood brings to your home.

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