Choosing Custom Made Furniture – A Buying Guide

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Buying your furniture from a store in the mall can be a rather disheartening experience. There is a certain sameness about everything. It all looks the same, and it’s sized the same and sometimes, not always, it’s over-priced and of poor quality. But even if it’s not, retail furniture can’t possibly do justice to your own unique and personal space. Furniture that fits your home and personality cannot be attained from just anywhere. Buying your own custom-made furniture ensures that you are not just settling for something that will work in the room. You will be creating something that makes the room sing.

Why buy furniture custom-made?

You can have it the way you want it. That’s the main reason to buy anything custom-made, whether it’s a hamburger or a living room set. You can choose something that really fits with the shape of the room; a piece that works with the overall size of the space you have to work with. Another reason is that you can have pieces that match together all over the room, or all over the house. From shape to fabric, your furniture will be exactly as you want it, throughout the house.

Custom-made is made to last. Even if it’s more expensive now, it won’t need replacing before you are finished using it. Custom-made furniture is made out of real wood, not particle board, and it’s pieced together to stay together. If you do change your mind in the future and want to change colors, you can have the furniture re-stained or re-upholstered at a lower price than buying new.

Of course, if you have gone to the trouble to buy the perfect, long-lasting piece of furniture that you are making a long term commitment to, you want that piece of furniture to be just right.

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Dream it

The first step is to imagine, dream and plan. Start by knowing what you want. What is your vision for your home? You may have a design in mind, but if you don’t, start looking. Browse the web, look at the kinds of designs other people are making, or have in their homes. What can you see in your home?

Think about the size, the shape, and the styles. What are your tastes? Do you like vintage, or modern? Are you eclectic, futuristic, fluffy, solid? Maybe you would like something that looks like something you remember from your childhood. Just imagine it, and then design it.

Design it

In your design, you need to think about size. Of course, if you have a big space, you can design big. And the opposite is also true. If you have a small room, you need small furniture. This means that regular retail furniture may not be the right fit, you will want something that works inside the space.

Designing your own means that you can move out of the ordinary. Custom designed furniture has carved legs, carved accents, and a variety of woods and fabrics. You will be able to choose all of this for your space.

You will be able to do something for the environment as you choose your own materials for the furniture you design. Choose sustainable furniture made from recycled or inert materials. You can repurpose old woods, and have the piece made from renewable resources. You will also be using local workers and you will be sure that they have been treated fairly.

Build it

Find a craftsman to help you bring your design to reality. The craftsman will help you perfect the design and advise you on the workability of your design and help bring it to life.

Get to know the craftsman, or the furniture design shop you choose. Talk to them, and visit them so that you can see the quality of their work and how they do it. You will also be able to build up a relationship with them so that your design turns out just right.

Bring it home

Your custom-designed, one of a kind piece of furniture can also then be brought to your home and installed for you in your home. Imagine the satisfaction of having just the right piece, exactly how and where you want it.

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