Considerations Before Choosing Rustic Bar Stools for Decor

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Are you worried about how to add personality to your décor? Opt for rustic bar stools and highlight the elegance of your space in an exclusive style. Rustic bar stools are versatile seating options that add character and texture to your house. You can place them in your kitchen, living room as well as your drawing room. These pieces of furniture make you comfortable to sit on. You have nothing to worry as these stools are easily available from online stores to meet your exact requirement. However, you should choose the right one that will match the design of your interior décor and your space. If you face any difficulty in choosing right rustic bar stools, you can check out a few considerations in this regard:

considerations-before-choosing-rustic-bar-stools-for-decor§ Select the right height – You must select the right height for your rustic bar stool, otherwise you may have to suffer from cramps in your legs. Pay heed to the height of stools for sale. The common rustic bar stools are available in various heights, including table, bar, counter and extra tall. You can choose a height within 10 -14 inches between the top of stool seat and underneath your countertop. Nevertheless, you can match up various other standard counter heights with the heights of rustic bar stools. Usually, table height of 18 – 23 inches can easily accommodate a surface of 28 – 30 inches, making a great substitute for your conventional dining chairs. Counter height varies from 24 to 26 inches and can fit a surface of 36 to 39 inches. It is smaller than a typical bar or restaurant stool. Bar heights vary from 28 to 30 inches in height and are suitable for bars of 40 inches height. Extra Tall helps you get a view of the spectator with 36 inches height. If you want, you can combine this with a counter having a surface height of 47 inches. Always, consider the horizontal space around the rustic bar stool. It is good, if six inches of space prevail between the stools. This is favorable for socializing and eating. Nevertheless, if your kitchen consists of revolving rustic bar stools or counter stools along with arms, you can add a bit more space.

§ Opt for the apt style – It is also important that you opt for an apt styled rustic bar stool. If the style you select doesn’t match your bar or counter, your décor will not be highlighted properly. Now, how will you know what style will best blend in with your décor? Well, you need to just look at the set theme of your kitchen and decide whether you want your stools to stand out or blend in. If you want to place the rustic bar stool in a narrow passage or beside your kitchen, you may opt for a backless option. It is simply because the furniture can be placed beneath the extended counter. Rustic bar stools can be easily cleaned. Rustic bar stools created from metals can offer contrast to your kitchen. Furthermore, wooden bar stools bring a feel of nature within your modern and contemporary kitchen.

§ Examine the construction – You must also inspect the build of the rustic bar stools before buying. Look for the one which is extremely well built. If furniture is not created in a robust way, they would not look good in a refined space. Remember that a wooden structure always ensures the durability of your stool. Some of the stools are crafted with oak and some include a high grade of turntable system tucked below the seat. Moreover, some are refined with coatings of furniture polish and are accented with a unique metal band as a foot rest. You can go for Red Mahogany finished stool with a swivel seat to make a striking addition to your home décor.

Follow these considerations and get the most befitting rustic bar stools. Besides, you should not forget to evaluate your comfort level. Go for the one which will provide you comfort. Purchasing a sophisticated stool design matching your home décor will bestow a stunning look to your décor. Choose the best and stun your loved ones to delight.

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