Custom Bathroom Vanities Offer Timeless Appeal

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In today’s modern lifestyle, bathroom design is an integral aspect of any house. Besides being one of the vital areas of a house, the design of the bathroom compliments to the overall design and aesthetics of the house. It is advisable to design and decorate your bathroom like any other bedroom or living room, thus making it more functional and beautiful.

Not many people realize that a bathroom, as no other room in the house, needs various different kinds of fixtures and fittings to make it functional, like shower, sink, toilet, faucets, handlebars, cabinets, etc. In addition to making the bathroom functional and convenient, these fixtures and fittings play an important role in elevating the look and feel of the most personal room of your house.

Bathroom vanities are one of the most prominent and visible fixtures of a bathroom, as they enhance its functionality and aesthetics. A bathroom vanity is a cabinet that sits under the sink, which often includes a top used for keeping toiletries like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, etc. The lower portion of a vanity is generally utilized as a cupboard with drawers for storage purposes where one can store towels, wash clothes, cleaning materials or other consumables like razors, surplus toiletries etc.

There are numerous kinds of bathroom vanities available in the market like cabinet type, wooden vanity, farm sink, etc. Vanities, made of different types of materials, are available in different colors, sizes, shapes, finishes to suit various types of settings, themes and environs. Vanities can also be customized as per your requirements for enhancing the spirit of your bathroom.

Custom bathroom vanities offer timeless appeal, besides enhancing the spirit of your bathroom. You can also get a mirror attached to the top of your vanity as per the design elements of the entire place. Although, vanities can be made from various materials like marble, steel or wood, the most genuine look and feel comes in vanities made from reclaimed barn wood, and other rustic furniture.

Custom Bathroom Vanities Offer Timeless Appeal

As bathroom vanity is another piece of furniture and not just a closet with running water, due care and caution should be exercised in buying one. While ordering or designing a custom bathroom vanity, the following points should be taken care of:

The Perfect Size

The size of vanity depends on two factors – the available space, and your needs of storage. The doors or the drawers of the vanity, after opening, should not hinder your movement. While designing, existing features such as mirrors, electrical switches, plumbing locations and outlets should be kept in mind. The ideal height of the top of the vanity is 31”, but can vary up to 35” as per one’s personal needs. In sync with the available space, width can vary from 12” to 60” with standard sizes as 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” in between. The depth can be between 17” to 24”.

The Material Used

Selecting the appropriate material is of prime importance, as it is responsible for the look, feel and durability. From all the materials used in a vanity like marble, metal and wood, the best look and grace can only be found in reclaimed furniture. As humidity and moisture pose one of the biggest problems to wood, solid rustic bathroom vanities offers the greatest durability, and hence are the most feasible option.

The Different Types

There are two styles of bathroom vanities – freestanding and built-in – the former being ideal for small spaces, while for the larger spaces you can go in for the built-in types, which offer more countertop space as well as storage capacity. Moreover, you will also have to see whether you want to go for vanity with a mirror, or you would prefer fixing a mirror as per your needs and style.

In addition to the above considerations, you will also have to decide upon the color of the vanity in sync with the theme of your bathroom and other house décor, thus making your bathroom as another important room of your home.

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