Decorate Your Home with Rattan Furniture

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Are you wondering what is rattan furniture? Well, it is a kind of furniture constructed traditionally with use of rattan vine. This can be found in tropical climates and parts of SE Asia. Rattan furniture has been used for several years to create household goods and furniture.

It is the wide spread availability of rattan vine that it is one of the most popular material used for making furniture. The vine is tough in its natural state and becomes workable and palpable when heat is applied. It becomes hard on cooling. The process of using vine to make furniture is called the wicker process. Work has to be carried out skilfully before it cools, stiffens, and goes back to the natural state. If properly maintained, rattan furniture can last for about 15-20 years.

Rattan furniture can be cleaned with wet cloth and thereafter it should be wiped with dry cloth, to remove all traces of moisture from its surface. Rattan furniture must be well coated with varnish, so that it isn’t discoloured when exposed under the sun for long. Rattan furniture, that is traditionally constructed are stored in dry conditions, as the furniture becomes moldy when exposed to damp conditions for long.

Decorate Your Home with Rattan Furniture

Kind of materials used in rattan furniture makes it environment friendly.

Synthetic set of rattan furniture is suitable for decorating outdoor spaces in harsh weather conditions. Poly rattan or manmade synthetic varieties are latest incorporation in the wide range of rattan furniture. Aluminium, steel, or manmade strand is clad in wicker style for emulating natural look in the furniture.

This also takes care of the problems of fading and growth of moulds that are commonly manifested in case of organic furniture. Costs of rattan furniture remain low because of use of these materials. Manmade fibres used, are workable and pliable to produce furniture of different patterns, textures, and shapes. This environment friendly rattan furniture is considered the best organic traditional option.

You can create a tropical-inspired style with flowers and potted plants around rattan furniture. This will offer peaceful ambience that you will love to enjoy after entire day’s hard work. You can use basket cover pots made of rattan and place large sized plants to offer a cohesive look. Vases of tropical vibrant blooms like orchids or birds can create a perfect ambience for relaxation and rest.

You can add to the toxic feel of rattan furniture by drawing pictures of animal print rugs. Back of your rattan couch can be covered with blanket with zebra or cheetah print on it. To coordinate the whole look, you can use matching pillow with it.

There are wide ranges of rattan furniture available in the market. You need to set your own criteria for choosing the perfect option. Some of the factors to be considered in this case include preferred option, storage space, intended use, and budget. Browsing through the online sites will help you to familiarise with different price range, styles, designs, shapes, and sizes.

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