Five Key Reasons Why Buying Used Chairs is a Good Idea

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Office chairs need to be just right. You can’t skimp on buying a good one as it will prove to be uncomfortable for you or your employees. If you find new chairs rather expensive, one good alternative is to buy used chairs. If you have children in the house, new chairs can get damaged sooner than you can say ‘no’. So, buying used chairs for home use is also a great idea.

Consider these five key reasons that make buying used chairs a good idea.

Low Costs

Used chairs will cost you a great deal less than brand new ones. Choosing used or refurbished furniture can make a lot of difference to your budget. Reputed used furniture stores to keep a huge inventory of refurbished items. So, you will have a good selection to choose from and even save money.

Good Quality

Only quality furniture will survive long enough to be sold as a refurbished or used item. So, rest assured that when you choose a used chair, you are getting quality stuff. Most brand new stuff these days is of low quality especially mass-produced office chairs. You may find better products when shopping in the used items’ section.

Businesses that deal in used furniture carefully curate the items. Each used item is checked for even the tiniest of scratches and cuts. Ergonomic chairs will still offer the same benefits whether new or used – provided the quality is intact. So, you don’t have any disadvantages in terms of quality when it comes to used chairs. Just ensure that you choose a reputable store when considering used chairs or any kind of refurbished furniture.


New furniture is trend-based. If you buy the latest range in the market, you might find the same stuff for you as most other offices (that have new furniture). But when it comes to used furniture ranges, you might items that are now no longer available. By placing used chairs in your office, you can make the place look distinct.

In fact, you can buy different ranges of used chairs for various aisles or floors in your office. The whole place can look different with unmistakable character. You might be able to buy really classic stuff that might add a touch of uniqueness to your workplace décor.

The same applies to your home. Bringing in used chairs can help you create unique settings in your home.


Manufacturing new furniture comes with a huge cost to the environment. It takes up lots of resources and energy to source materials for furniture. Synthetic materials – the kind used in office chairs – require the use of the factory manufacturing process. The processes release chemicals into the environment. It can also pollute water sources.

Trees are cut to source wood for new furniture. If you buy used furniture, you can save trees – every little effort helps and makes a positive impact on the environment.

New furniture can also release toxins in the air due to the use of resins, paints, and glue. The fumes will pollute your indoor air. The toxins will eventually spread through the air – adding to the pollution.

Disposing of furniture also takes up energy. It can clog the landfills. Synthetic material can remain in the soil for ages. Used chairs will also come without packaging. So, you will have one less thing to dispose of or recycle. These things add up – whether to add to the pollution or protect the environment.

Support for Local Businesses

Most used stores are local businesses. People generally prefer chain stores or international brands for new and trendy furniture. By opting for used chairs, you can support your local businesses. Large stores also depend on worldwide supply chains and logistics; contributing to pollution and doing nothing for local communities.

In contrast; used furniture stores are small businesses that rely on community support. Such stores are also known to offer personalized services; so you are not missing anything in terms of good shopping experience. You may even know the owners personally and it may lead to you getting items on discounts too. You may also feel good for supporting your local businesses.

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