Here’s Why You Should Choose Adjustable Standing Desks

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Standing desks, in no time, have become quite a popular office furniture type. Gone are the days when people use to come office, sit for hours, work and encourage obesity/belly fat and then leave home with an unhealthy body and bad body posture leading to back shoulder and neck pain. Today, people have become more aware and have started using standing desks at their workstation.

The concept of the standing desk is that unlike a normal desk and chair, these desks have more height. Hence the user has to stand upright and work on it or use a high chair or bar chairs to use these desks. In this article, we will be discussing on the adjustable standing desk.

What is an Adjustable standing desk

Standing desks are of two types. One that is of fixed height and second that has a feature of adjustable height. Since standing desks are not “untouched” by technology, adjustable standing desks have an electronic version or fixing and changing the height. Let us discuss some aspects or features of adjustable standing desks.

Why do people require adjustable standing desks?

You might have heard “sitting is the new smoking.” Since there is a tremendous increase in usage or computers, mobiles, and electronic gadgets, the continues sitting for long hours, the wrong body postures and stress has already done a lot of damage to people’s body. It has led to the unhealthy body. Standing desks is a kind of revolution against the unhealthy body and obesity that is caused because of longer sitting hours. Standing desks is not only better than sitting but also helps in burning calories and maintaining body mass and other parameters. There are many people who are unable to give separate time to their physical workout. Opting for the standing desk is a small initiative or step towards the health and fit body.

Features of adjustable standing desks.

● Can be used as both standing and sitting desk

If your standing desk is adjustable, it can be used as both standing desk or sitting desk. To be very practical, a person cannot work an entire day on the standing desk. He would need some time wherein he would sit and work. If the desk is adjustable, a person can divide his time in sitting and standing position.

● adjust the height

If the fixed standing desk is low in height, then a tall person wouldn’t be comfortable in working on the low height standing desk. On the other hand, a short-heighted person would find it difficult to work on a standard height standing desk. Hence an adjustable standing desk would be a boon for people with different requirement.

● Can become multiuser and multi-purpose

If the standing desk is fixed in height, then it can be used only when people want to stand and work. In a day on an average, a person can stand for 3-4 working hours. He will either have to change the place or workstation when sitting and working or will have to arrange a high chair. The same problem would arise when people with different heights and working comfort zone would use a fixed standing desk. They may find it difficult to work on the fixed desk. Solution to all such issues is opting for an adjustable standing desk.

● Manually adjustable standing desk

There are manually adjustable desks available in the market. The biggest feature of such desks is the cost. They are cheaper than the electronically adjustable desks. The height of these desks can be changed manually.

● Electronically adjustable standing desk

These desks are touched by technology! Just press a button, and your desk will move up-down as per your instruction. These desks have amazing features like memory stick, anti-collision technology, etc and are available in many varieties.

Go ahead and get one for you now!

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