How Does a Height Adjustable Desk Help Improve Your Health and Productivity?

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Well, the research is still in early stages, but the corporate world seems to already like the best height adjustable desk, and many companies have even added a few in their offices. Hence, it has become an integral part of today’s corporate infrastructure.

So how a height-adjustable desk can improve your health and productivity? Using a height-adjustable standing desk has many benefits. It can benefit you in many ways. Let’s have a look at how using height-adjustable desks can improve your health and productivity.

1. Lower Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain

We all know prolonged sitting kills, but still, very few of us actually do something to fight the ill-effects of sitting. You need to deal with sitting as seriously as you would have dealt with smoking because sitting every day for 8 hours without breaks is no worse than smoking. And it is not a hidden secret that weight gain occurs when you consume more calories than you are burning. 

Standing lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity. Height adjustable desks allow you to deal with that and work while standing. Many studies have shown standing for a few hours at work has a positive impact on health, especially if you stand after lunch, it will have maximum benefits.  According to a report published by BBC, standing burn 0.7 calories per minute. Over a year, it would add up to 30,000 calories, which is equivalent to running about 10 marathons in a year. 

2. Reduce Risk of Body Pain

Doctors advise taking a short break every 1 to 1.5 hours of sitting to tackle the harmful effects of sitting. Even if you are using ergonomic chairs, still prolonged sitting is no good. Using ergonomic chairs can comfort you, but will not take out the harmful effects of prolonged sitting out of the equation completely. Height adjustable desks encourage organic movements and allow you to work for long hours with ease. You do not have to sit for long hours anymore. You can adjust the height of the desk when you want to stand and get it back to original position when you want to sit. More importantly, reduced health risks also indirectly increase productivity because your employees will take fewer sick leaves and break during office hours due to pain and injury and spend more time on tasks.       

3. Reduce Lethargy

Height adjustable desks make your workspace more active, which help employees being more active and boost the energy level of employees. They can stand and work comfortably whenever feels lethargic. They do not have to sit at the same place for the whole day. Best height adjustable desk has electric powered, silent, and easy sit to stand switching mechanism. You can comfortably switch from sitting to standing and relaxes your body, which have a significant impact on the mood.  

4. Enhance Efficiency

Sitting is not just bad for the body, but it also impacts your mind and energies. More physically active you are, the more aware you become. When your employees feel good and energetic, obviously they are more productive. Standing up at work for a few hours proved to enhance mental alertness, which increases your efficiency at the office. You also have observed that your employees used to be more productive during morning hours, but after lunch, they get clumsy. Because in the morning, they are refreshed and energized, and till noon, their energy gets depleted. 

Working while standing for a few hours right after lunch improves the efficiency of your employees and helps to improve blood flow and make your body and mind more active. Height adjustable desks allow your employees to work more efficiently, which in turn increases productivity. 

 If you have sit-stand desks at your workplace, they can actively work while standing. 

So these are the four key ways height adjustable desk can improve your and your employees’ health and productivity.  So shan’t you order the best height adjustable desk for your office?

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