How to Select the Best Height Adjustable Desk

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Stand-up and sit-stand desks help reduce the ill-effects associated with prolonged seating at work. Such desks are typically designed with height adjustability features to suit different users and to ensure ergonomic working conditions. If you are considering a workstation revamp with such height adjustable desk, here are a few tips to help you select the right one for your needs.

Would you use the desk in standing position alone or for sitting as well?

Sitting or standing all through the work day is not recommended, but alternating between the two, in moderation, is a good practice. For this reason, you need to have a workstation that lets you work in a sitting posture and one that allows you to work comfortably when standing. If you want your workstation to cater to both these positions, you need to invest in a sit-stand desk with a good height adjustability range. Alternately you could use your current workstation for sitting and invest in another stand-up desk for working in a standing position.

Does the desk need frequent position changes or height adjustments?

Stand-up and sit-stand desks may either be manually adjustable or be controlled by an electric motor. The former moves more quickly while the latter can hold and lift more weight placed on its top. When selecting a manual height adjustable desk, ensure that its design does not include too many cranks, buttons, stops, or levers that can slow you down. Check also for sharp edges or exposed mechanical parts that could cause an injury during adjustments. When selecting a powered desk, test its height adjustment speed. One that functions too slowly may be a bit irritating to use, especially when you need to change the height frequently.

How many people will use the desk?

The number of people using the desk will determine the range of height adjustability needed. If the desk is solely for your use, you could pick one that meets your standing and seating height needs. However, if your office employs a hot-desking system and the workstation is shared by multiple users, you will need a desk with a broad range of adjustments points. This ensures that a short, as well as a really tall person, can use it with absolute comfort.

Do you want a traditional height-adjustable desk or an add-on?

Investing in a full standing or sit-stand workstation can be a tad expensive and may need you to rearrange your space completely. A height-adjustable add-on that goes on top of an existing workstation, on the other hand, is flexible and portable. You can move it from one desk to another or from one office to another. When you invest in such an add-on for yourself, you could even carry it along with your when you switch jobs or travel around.

Do you need additional features?

Height adjustable desks come in a wide range of sizes and with a variety of features. If you like to spread out your work, look for a large desk surface. If your office environment has a sleek, professional décor, look for a design that matches the same. If your work involves industrial work, pick one that can hold more weight. If you need to move your workstation around frequently, choose a desk with casters for easy and hassle-free movement.

What is your budget?

As with the design, height adjustable desks are available at many price points. These are determined by the quality of the material used, the features and so on. When investing in such a product, do not settle for a product just because it is low-cost. Rather, consider the positive impact that such a desk would make on your health and wellness. Also, consider the durability you expect out of the product. The more the number of users, the more robust and long-lasting you will want it to be. In fact, many vendors offer warranties and service packages on the products they sell. These can be especially helpful should an issue arise.

Whether you buy a single height-adjustable desk for your personal use or invest in multiples for your office, ask yourself the above-mentioned questions to ensure that you find the perfect fit, which provides you value for the money spent.

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