Redesign Your Bar with Rustic Bar Stools

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After a taxing day at the office, you either rush or drag yourself home, to de-stress at the bar counter. Of late, none of your drinks – be it a Martini, regular Vodka or Margarita- taste as good as they used to previously. Chances are that the quality of the liquor hasn’t degraded; rather, you’re too used to the same old bar in your home, that it leaves you with nothing to feel relaxed about. Drinking sessions seem routine and uninteresting; because you are used to seeing the shiny metallic frames or sitting on the same old sleek Italian cushions on your bar stools, day in and day out. The best way to break free from this monotonous atmosphere is to give your bar a breath of fresh air, by redesigning it; and what better way than modify it with rustic themed stools.

There are hundreds of rustic stools available in the market and even more ways to incorporate them in your bar, but not everything that’s on display or sale fits your need. Here are a couple of tips to help you choose the perfect ones creatively.

•  Rustic stools fit well in bars that feature a lot of woodwork, be it on the cabinets, the shelves, or even the cupboards. However, this shouldn’t be a deterrent if the interiors of your bar have a contemporary finish. Rustic bar stools Redesign Your Bar with Rustic Bar Stoolsin darker shades of brown blend well with white, grey, or light toned interiors, thereby creating a sense of warmth. The contrasting colors impart the feel of an eclectic-mix to the bar area.

•  Since rustic designs feature simple elements with a raw or village like appeal, bar stools of this variety are best made from lumbers like oak and walnut. The natural and intricate patterns on the surface of these woods make them a perfect choice for rustic furniture.

• The weathered appearance of reclaimed wood makes them an apt choice for rustic bar stools. The worn out look of logs picked up from old farmhouses, barges and demolished barns help bring the aura and charm of the countryside to your modern bars.

•  Rustic doesn’t necessarily mean wood. Creative designs of bar stools of these type, combine timber with other materials like metal, wicker etc. in frames, cushions, backrests and so on. If you aren’t a big fan of wooden stools, combination designs are what you should pick for your bar.

•  Cushions are a great way to play around with the design of bar stools. These can be as simple as a piece of round foam covered in fabric, or a luxurious seating made from leather or animal hides. Decorate cushions with metal embellishments like dull gold rivets to add a twist to the design. Replace seating with horse saddles to bring out a barn-like ambience.

•  The shape of bar stools is another aspect that offers an opportunity for creativity. Though most stool frames are cubical or cuboidal, with seats being circular or rectangular in shape, off beat shapes include those of a wine barrel or a cone. Pick one of these out-of-the-box designs to show off to your guests that drinking, to you, is a serious business, or that you are a die-hard fan of liquor.

Rustic bar stools can be bought off brick and mortar or online stores. They can even be made to order, as per your specifications. When selecting them, details like the height, material, and other features like the footrest, cushions, back rest etc. need to be paid attention to.

Introducing a rustic charm with the help of bar stools, is a great way to revamp your bar, and is guaranteed to bring you praise from friends and family alike. These pieces of unsophisticated and rural-like furniture, when chosen carefully, blend in seamlessly with bar interiors of any kind. They radiate warmth and comfort, setting the mood right for a perfect shot of your favorite drink.

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