Six Hacks to Make Your Rustic TV Console Look Stunning

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Rustic is the new rage in interior design. The style and scheme lends a warm, endearing and close to nature feel to your homes. In the living or guest room, a commonly found piece of rustic furniture is the TV console. From a minimalistic cuboidal stand that holds the TV, to one with multiple drawers, cabinets, and metal accents, rustic TV consoles come in various forms, shapes, and designs. There are many ways in which you can make them look more interesting and attractive. 6 such ways are discussed here.

# 1 – Keep It Simple

The beauty and charm of rustic objects lie in their simplicity. The raw, unfinished appearance of this kind of furniture gives dwelling spaces a homely and welcoming appeal. This simplicity is probably what makes rustic furniture so apt for modern times with homes designed around minimalistic themes. The same is true with a rustic TV console. Nothing beats the beauty of a basic unit, i.e. a rectangular bench like piece that holds the TV on its top rack, and which provides and open storage space below, in the second rack.

# 2 – Use Glass Panels

Some TV consoles provide storage spaces that are closed. In such cases, a good way to make it look more attractive is by using glass panels or glass doors. Panels in glass are often connected to the body of the console by means of a wooden frame. Certain designs also feature doors which are made completely out of glass, i.e. sans a wooden frame. This design too blends in well with a rustic styled TV unit. Frosted or semi-transparent glasses bring about a mysterious and colonial like charm and add a twist to your TV unit.

# 3 – Opt for Engraving

Handcrafted designs are always a feast to the eyes. A way to incorporate them into rustic TV consoles is by means of hand engraving. One such idea could be to engrave Chinese symbols, or letters onto the TV unit. Set against dark colored wood or those in deeper shades of brown or red, these engravings, when painted in a golden hue, make your TV console look more attractive.Six Hacks to Make Your Rustic TV Console Look Stunning

# 4 – Add Contrasting Color

Using a single contrasting color on the panels, cupboard doors or the frame of the television unit makes it a focal point in the living room. Be it black, brilliant red, dull white or neon green, painting your tv console in a different color from that of the rest of the unit brings about an added lure. While black lends a contemporary twist, bright hues make the dwelling spaces look more vibrant and lively.

# 5 – Opt for Distressed Finish

Like colors and hues, finishes make rustic furniture look stunning. Protective or other finishes that are smooth aren’t really meant for these simple, raw appeal furniture. The best choices always are the aged or distressed finishes that blend in well with the natural appearance of rustic furniture. Such finishes also bring about the inherent beauty of the wood used and make it a true masterpiece in any living room.

# 6 – Use Old Wood

Reclaimed or old wood is the best bet in rustic furniture, especially when you’re building a custom made piece, or one from scratch. The natural weathering undergone by old wood makes it the perfect choice for TV consoles of this type. Barn wood or lumber obtained from railway tracks are the most appropriate to lend the furniture an unsophisticated appeal. The natural grain on this kind of wood is sure to turn heads with its beauty and charm.

Use these simple hacks to add a dash of creativity to your rustic TV console and make it the focal point of your living room with ease.

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