Things to Know Before Buying Reclaimed Wood Table

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Tables are the go to destinations in the living room for everything that you need. Be it keys, newspaper, book or anything that’s temporarily placed, it is very hard to imagine a house without a table. Tables are not just functional but also great centerpieces in a living room around which you can plan your interior décor and buy appropriate things that can go along with it aesthetically.

But did you know tables can also be good conversation topics in your living room, when people ask things about your table, where you got it from and what kind of wood and finish the table is made of. However, this is only possible when the table is really good looking and has a history behind it. Tables made from reclaimed wood are those tables that have a history behind them as the wood that is used is reclaimed and has a history behind it or belonged to someone important like family or friends. Not only they have an emotional appeal, but also help in amazing looking tables that look rustic and majestic. Let’s talk about the characteristics of a reclaimed wood table and the things you need to look for while buying one.

1. The Wood

The wood used to make the table is the heart and soul of a reclaimed wood table. While any table made from any material can be designed to look beautiful, only few tables have a depth in their existence and hold a special place in the house. Reclaimed wood is aged, used and years of history to it. While you are buying a table made of reclaimed wood, ensure that you get to know the story behind it and choose the type of wood you want very wisely. There are many wood types which just age well with time and have a rustic surface which looks real and authentic wood.

2. Storage

If you just want a plain table with a single wooden plank and no compartments, it is completely fine. However, it is suggested that you go for the one that has 2-3 compartments in it and serve to store small things that are important and need to be accessible. You can keep your files, important documents, DVDs, keys, small notes anything and everything that is small and important. If you are getting the reclaimed wood table custom made, you can easily inform the maker to include the compartments where you want and decide what size you want as well.

3. Size

Planning the location of the table and knowing where it will be placed has to be decided before you even begin searching for tables. You should also have an approximate estimate of the dimensions of the reclaimed wood table you want to go with before ordering. This is because, without planning the table might become too big blocking the walking space or become too small to store anything at all. From an aesthetic perspective, if the table is too big and the surrounding elements like couch or chairs are too small when compared it look odd and doesn’t serve the purpose of being a centerpiece as it already all over the place. Thus, before going to the vendor and giving your order, ensure you have a rough idea of the table dimension you want to go with.

4. Finish and Coating

If you have a well-designed, themed interior, you must be aware how important it is for the fixtures and furniture in your home to be in sync and create a harmonious flow of color and design language. The reclaimed wood table you buy can be made of multiple finishes, the ones that can go along with other objects in your house. Americana, red, black, white, medium wax, turquoise, etc. are some of the popular finishes to go with tables made out of reclaimed wood. They add a rustic element to the table and stand out to be excellent centerpieces. Since the reclaimed wood is old and you don’t want to take chances of its durability, you can also go for a protective coating to prevent rusting, rotting, moisture, temperature changes and other things that will deteriorate its quality from inside.

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