Tips for Customizing your Bathroom Vanity

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Personality is often associated with capabilities of a ‘person’ or a living being. However, according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary, it is defined as “unique set of qualities that makes something unusual or interesting.” Each and every piece of fixture in your home speaks a thousand words and comes with its own unique traits. Therefore, even your furniture, decorative accents and furnishings also have their individual personalities. For instance, a product like your custom rustic bathroom vanity would be a package of exclusive design, interesting utility and personal touch and will add a vintage touch to your decor with its character.

The basic idea behind rustic bathroom vanities is unique in itself. The wood that is used is not the new wood. This is because new wood might or might not be long-lasting, but the old barn wood or the kiln dried pine is undoubtedly the most durable wood available. It has survived for hundred years and would definitely last a lifetime as your fixture. This wood has endured the brunt of all nature’s toils like air, wind and water; and also the impact of human manhandling. It comes with some obvious nail marks, holes and blotches. These are then hand painted and polished to give a renovated look. This gives your vanity a stylish old-world, worn-out look, which is favored and loved by fixture designers around the world. The designers use these markings and blemishes to give your vanity a unique character and enhance its looks. This makes rustic vanity a perfect combination of today’s technique and antique royalty. Moreover, to add a touch of your personality to the vanity’s character, you can even get it customized to your taste and preference.  You can choose the design, color, look and dimensions of your vanity according to your liking.

The thing is furniture is not always an addition to the things you possess but are a representation of your persona. The belongings that you use in your daily life are an inherent part of the quality of life you stay with. These possessions combined together form your lifestyle and your existence. However, selecting a perfect and customized bathroom vanity is never an easy task. It is always a little tricky being clear about your choices amidst a wide variety of available options. Firstly, you need to keep your personal preference in accordance and then select a product that can offer convenience of use and also looks great in your bathroom. Here are a few tips you must keep in mind before selecting your bathroom vanity:

•  Water-Resistant

Promising a waterproof product and delivering the same are two different things. Often, the manufacturer uses inferior wood and bad quality coating. You should always buy vanities that come with quality polyurethane coating and that has been polished with hand rubbed wax to make sure that it is completely water-resistant.

•  Trendy and Stylish

Who does not want to receive compliments for their updated style and home décor? You should always do a proper research – surf online, talk to experts, take advice from interior designers – before buying a major fixture for your house. Nowadays, vintage vanities with rustic look are in trend for bathroom cabinets. In fact, vintage look is one such trend that always stays in vogue. Rustic bathroom vanities are a perfect blend of contemporary and conventional features because of their smart use of old designs in new fashion.

•  Customized

How can one have the best of both worlds i.e. vintage design as well as personal touch? You can get this through custom bathroom vanities. With this option, you will get an opportunity to design your cabinet according to your taste. For instance, if you are a tall person, you would prefer to have a vanity, which is higher and if you are of a shorter built, then the same vanity will prove to be very inconvenient for you. In addition to the personal use suitability, you can also decide whether you want a rustic look or contemporary feel; whether you prefer wooden or metallic vanity; and so on, while you are getting your bathroom cabinet customized according to your preference.

A customized vanity is always adapted to the customer requirement, and hence suits individual taste; rustic look never goes out of fashion and reclaimed wood is a mark of durability. Hence, always keep these three dimensions in mind and get yourself a custom bathroom vanity to suit your every need.

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