How to Buy Hospitality Furniture That Will Give Your Business Some Soul

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Are you starting a new business? Does your business need an interior design overhaul? You want to make sure that you make the best impression possible by choosing great hospitality furniture for your business, but where do you start? Here are some tips to ensure that you make the best decisions about the furniture that you buy, to add some soul to your space.

Make Sure it’s Comfortable

Any client should be able to look at the furniture in your establishment and want to take a seat and get comfortable. The furniture you select should be inviting and uncomplicated, but still stylish and professional looking. Think like a client or customer; if you wouldn’t want to spend any time on this furniture, why would they?

Make Sure it’s Durable

If you are selecting furniture for a business, then it’s going to undergo a lot of wear and tear. This is especially true in places such as restaurants and hotels. You are probably spending a significant amount of money on the furniture for your business, which is why it’s important to ensure that the construction, design and textile on the furniture is durable. You don’t want it to look worn out and unpresentable to customers or clients, and have to be constantly updating the furniture. Make sure the furniture can stand the test of time.

Make Sure it’s Easy to Clean

Along with being durable, the furniture you select should be upholstered with a fabric that is easy to maintain and clean. Hospitality furniture sees a lot of traffic so you want to make sure that spots and spills will not be a big deal. Leather is a great option as it is very difficult to stain and can be cleaned very easily. Fabrics such as a dark colored microfiber can definitely stand up to some use, and is easy to clean. You don’t want it to look horrible after only six months.

How to Buy Hospitality Furniture That Will Give Your Business Some Soul

Make sure it Reflects Your Business

As a business owner, you are careful of the image and impression that your business projects. You should also consider your business’s branding when selecting hospitality furniture. What style will best represent your business? Are you best represented by casual comfort in earthy tones and woods? Or are you a trendy startup that wants to go for a modern feel with sharp angles, and metallic detailing on the furniture? Would your clientele prefer a more traditional feel with artisan pieces, antiques, damask prints, and dark woods? Your furniture should be a reflection of your identity as a business, and so it is important that you answer these types of questions.

Make Sure it isn’t Boring

The furniture you select should provide visual interest for the business. It should be a reflection of the soul of your business. You wouldn’t want your clients to associate you with drab décor and mediocre furniture. Your business isn’t plain, it’s multifaceted and dynamic, right? Your hospitality furniture should be the place where you can take some risks, why not get furniture in company colors? Or try an interesting pattern? Your employees and customers will thank you for it.

But Don’t Be a Slave to Trends

While you don’t want your furniture to look basic and ordinary, you also do not want it to go to the other extreme. Make sure that while your furniture is interesting, it also has a timeless quality. You don’t want your furniture to look super trendy, unless that is the heart and identity of your business.

Make Sure All Furniture Pieces Go Together

The last thing you want when you have spent all that money on your furniture is for the end result to look like a mish mash of items that do not go well together in a room. Your goal is a cohesive, professional looking space where everything seems to flow and look great together. If you are in doubt about your own skills in the interior design area, hire a professional, the results will be well worth the extra cash, and you will get a great looking space.

When you select hospitality furniture for your business keep in mind that it should be comfortable, easy to clean, durable, and should make your business shine by reflecting your brand and looking cohesive and professional. If you keep this in mind you will make a great impression on anyone coming through your doors.

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