Sit-Stand Desks: Work Long Hours with Ease

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Sit-stand desks are height adjustable desks which allow you to comfortably stand up while working. That’s why sit stand desks San Jose are quite popular these days in the corporate world.

An average office worker sits for about 10 hours, and studies are showing if you sit regularly for that long, you are going to face some serious health issues or even die early as well. Experts are screaming for a while now that office workers should stand up at least two hours a day at work. But, are we doing it?

If you are concerned about your health and your employees’ health, then sit-stand desks are something that must feature at your workplace.

Now your entrepreneur mind may have started asking questions. Is it worth to invest in sit stand desks in San Jose? What are the benefits of sit-stand desks? Let’s find out why sit-stands are a great addition to your workplace.

Promote organic movements

Sitting continuously for long hours leads to back pain which may become chronic if you do not change your posture or take breaks after every few hours. Sit-stand desks encourage organic movement and postures. You can adjust the height of the desk when you want to stand, and get it back to the original position when you want to sit. It allows you to work for long hours with ease, and you do not have to sit for long hours anymore. Experts advise to switch between sit and stand during the day at the office. A sit-stand desk makes it easier for you to switch from sitting to standing and provides a comfortable place to work while standing.

Improve health

Sit-stand desks allow you to work while standing. Many studies have shown standing for a few hours at work have a positive impact on health. Standing for a few hours lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity according to a report published by BBC, standing burn 0.7 calories per minute. Over the course of a year, it would add up to 30,000 calories. It is equivalent of running about 10 marathons in a year. Isn’t it great?

Studies have also shown standing may lower blood sugar levels, risks of heart attack and cholesterol level in the body. Simply standing for few hours at work can avoid so many health risks. This benefit alone is sufficient to convince anyone to buy sit stand desks in San Jose for his or her workplace.

Improve mood and boost energy level

Sit-stand desks make your workspace more active which definitely going to boost the energy level of employees. Your employees can stand and work comfortably whenever they feel lethargic. They do not have to sit at the same boring place for the whole day. They can switch from sitting to standing. It relaxes their body and significantly improves the mood.

Enhance awareness

Sitting is not just bad for the body, but it also has a negative impact on your mind and energies. More physically active you are, more mentally aware you become. Standing helps to improve blood flow and make your body and mind more active. Sit-stand desks promote physical activity and movement which significantly enhance the awareness level. Usually, after lunch employees feel lethargic, and tend to fall asleep. If you have adjustable standing desks at your workplace, they can actively work while standing.

Increase efficiency

When your employees feel good and energetic, obviously they are more productive. Standing up at work for few hours proven to make you more alert which increases your efficiency at the office. Your employees are more productive during morning hours at the workplace because they are refreshed and energized. But after lunch, their energy depletes. Sit-stand desks allow your workers to work more efficiently. Working while standing for a few hours right after lunch improves the efficiency of your employees.

The Bottom Line

Anything that helps in the well-being of your employees is worth investing on, and sit-stand desks definitely support that. More importantly, it also boosts productivity and efficiency. Hence, if you also want to enjoy all these benefits, it is time to buy sit stand desks in San Jose for your workplace.

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