Tips on Choosing Standing Desks for Your Workplace

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Ergonomics has a big role to play in your work life as you spend a good number of hours at your workstation every day. Being seated for 8 hours or more every day results in poor posture, weakened muscles, and in turn chronic aches and pains. The standing desk, a recent posture-friendly workstation design, helps alleviate such troubles with ease. If you haven’t used standing desks before and would like to gain some tips on how to select the right one for your workplace, read on.

Understand standing table designs and types

Standing tables come in a wide range of designs. They are typically classified as fixed height and height adjustable models. The basic kind of standing table is a desk of a fixed height. While this may not be the best ergonomic option available, it can easily be combined with a conventional sit-down desk for a low-tech and affordable sit-stand office solution. Height adjustable tables or desks convert a typical seating type workstation into a standing one while including all the necessary tools and objects your workstation includes. They come in a wide variety of shapes like rectangle, L, and square etc. as well as colors such as black or white standing desk. Fixed desktop risers are platforms that elevate just the laptop, keyboard, monitor, and mouse on your workstation. They can typically be folded up for portability and are an extremely affordable choice for immediate conversion to stand-up desks. Height adjustable desktop add-ons function similar to desktop risers but allow adjustments to be made according to the height of the user. Some adjustable desks are also designed to be sit-stand tables that can be converted into each other as desired.

Choose between conversion and a brand-new addition

Letting go of a well-built workstation customized to your needs can be a difficult thing to do. Exactly why many vendors make it possible for you to convert your existing table or desk into a standing model by means of height adjustable legs or other fixtures that elevate the position of the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. However, if you are in the mood for an overhaul, you could very well choose a brand new standing desk that gives you the same comfort (if not better) of your seated workstation. The benefit of investing in a new desk is that you can customize it the way you want and include a lot more ergonomic features that may otherwise have been absent from the previous workstation.

Pay attention to how many people use the desk

Workplaces that run shifts often allow more than one employee to use the same desk. In such scenarios, it is important to set up the best height adjustable desk with multiple height points from low to high. This way, a person who is 5 feet tall would experience the same comfort as a person of 6+ feet, when working at the desk.

Select a suitable size

When selecting a standing desk, you need to factor in not just the height and its related adjustment options, but also the size. Some people to spread out their work stuff, while others like to keep bare minimal stuff on their worktable. Choose a suitable size that accommodates your needs. Pay attention to the material too. Office spaces typically have sleek, professional-looking workstations, so, remember to pick a design that matches the décor. However, in an industrial or lab environment, you’ll need something sturdier.

Pick motorized desks when necessary

You may choose to have a sperate standing desk or pick a sit-stand model for ease of conversion. However, when you choose the latter, switching from one format to another every day or every few hours becomes difficult. To ease such troubles, there exist motorized desks that convert from a seated table to a standing desk and vice versa, with the click of a button. Invest in such designs if you have multiple users at the same desk or multiple conversion to be done in a day.

Finally, pay attention to the price. The standing table is an investment towards your health and well-being, so choose a quality product that keeps you comfortable and which lasts long.

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